PRESS RELEASE: Senator Jeff Tarte Launches First Campaign Ad Featuring Fellow Senator Joel Ford


Monday, September 10th, 2018
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Senator Jeff Tarte Launches First Campaign Ad Featuring Fellow Senator Joel Ford; Ad Focuses On Bi-Partisan Work By Tarte, Ford & Legislature On Education And Fighting I-77 Toll Road     

Cornelius, NC – North Carolina State Senator Jeff Tarte’s (R-Mecklenburg) campaign today announced the release of his first campaign ad featuring fellow Mecklenburg County Senator Joel Ford (D-Mecklenburg). The ad will begin running on cable networks in Mecklenburg County starting Tuesday and will run through the remainder of the election.

The message is focused on the bi-partisan, solutions-oriented work done by Senators Tarte and Ford. The ad features Senator Ford explaining the need to send Senator Tarte back to Raleigh to focus on fixing the problems for the residents of Mecklenburg County. “I’m supporting Jeff Tarte, a good man.  Sadly, too many people in politics today make their decisions based on labels instead of quality, integrity and solutions,” said Senator Ford.  “Jeff Tarte has always been focused on solutions, not labels.  His personal character speaks for itself and like the ad says, my friend Jeff Tarte is someone we need in Raleigh.”

“It is incredibly humbling to be endorsed and supported by my good friend and colleague Senator Joel Ford,” said Senator Tarte. “Joel is a common sense elected official who supports and helps shape solutions in Raleigh that help every man, woman, and child in his district. We both have regularly worked together for all our constituents. The policies we shaped together have accomplished good things for our communities, including raising teacher pay, authorizing a charter school for high school dropouts, and working together to cancel the I-77 contract. I deeply respect Senator Ford for being a champion for his constituents. I am honored by his support of me and proud of the work we have done together in Raleigh.”

“I do not believe that there has been a campaign like this before for State Senate, where Democrats, Republicans and Unaffiliated voters are coming together to support a common-sense champion of solutions like Senator Tarte,” said Tarte campaign consultant Paul Shumaker. “I think given the charged partisan political environments in both Raleigh and Washington D.C., that the ad was most timely.  Jeff Tarte and Joel Ford are friends. I look at the ad as two friends telling the rest of the crowd to grow-up and start addressing our problems first and put political gamesmanship last. It is a message of which we can all be proud.”

You can view the ad here: